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Context-based Flame Desktop workflow

Use Batch reel groups, a better versioning workflow, and multi-Batch in the Flame Desktop for a context-based workflow that connects all the areas in the desktop: the timeline, Batch, and reels. Choose whichever toolset is right for the task during visual effects finishing and look development for a faster path to completion.

The load from desk function enables you to temporarily view your reels to add more sources to your Batch. You can now switch reel groups while you are loading.

With new Batch group iterations, users can change the iteration start number; customize their save setup backups with tokens or a python hook; or turn off iterations for a particular Batch.

Batch groups create a continuous workflow between Batch and the reels and provide easier visual organization and gesturally editing of Batch sources.

  • Batch setups, sources, and renders are all together under one new structure in the desktop.
  • Batch sources are available in the reels and shared between the reels and the Batch schematic.
  • Operations done to Batch sources on the reels are mirrored in the Batch schematic and vice versa (from gestural actions to deletions).
  • Batch reels make it easier to gesturally edit Batch sources, which can also be done in the timeline—meaning you can use the right toolset for the task at hand without interrupting the workflow.
  • Tab tools such as the Warper and Desktop Paint can be applied directly to batch sources on the reels.

Iterations provide a straightforward, efficient way to version and save work whether working alone or collaboratively.

  • Batch setups and Batch reels are iterated together, enabling you to more easily manage versions and make changes.
  • Iterations are saved with the Batch reel group, however you can manage them independently. This enables you to add versions to other Batch Reel groups used by other artists to share in collaborative workflows
  • Naming tokens enable you to develop straightforward naming conventions (date, time, month, batch name).

The Multi-Batch feature lets you instantly switch between multiple Batch setups in the Desktop. This enables faster, more fluid navigation and provides more security for work done in Batch.

  • The Flame Desktop supports multiple Batch setups at one time. One Batch setup containing both the Batch reels and Batch schematic is viewable at one time.
  • Toggle through multiple Batch setups for faster navigation.
  • Multi-Batch is more secure. Support for multiple Batch setups protects you from accidentally deleting the current Batch setup when loading another.