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Batch improvements

Navigate schematics, access node information, and handle node inputs that have different bit-depths, with several improvements in Batch and BFX that are based on user feedback.

The load from desk function enables you to temporarily view your reels to add more sources to your Batch. You now have the ability to switch reel groups while you are loading.

Batch group iterations enable users to change the iteration start number; customize their save setup backups with tokens or a python hook; or turn off iterations for a particular Batch.

  • Semi-transparent MUX-node links and articulated circuit board linking make for cleaner schematics and easier navigation.
  • Image generators (Colored Frame, Mono, Render nodes) and basic operators (Comp, Clamp and MUX nodes) now provide easier access to the operational information, helping you work faster.
  • Batch nodes can now handle inputs with different bit depths for a better user experience when dealing with footage of different bit-depths.