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Subscription for Flame products

Maximize the value of your investment by subscribing to Flame products

Subscribing to Flame creative finishing products is your pipeline to the latest software. Delivering the latest features, it is an easy route to using the latest technology without worrying about outdated versions, major upgrades, and unpredictable expenditures. All of this comes with a direct link to Autodesk, so you can always be connected, informed, and one step ahead.

Boost the value of your perpetual license with a maintenance plan

A maintenance plan is the most convenient and cost-effective way to access the latest tools, flexible licensing, powerful support and more. A maintenance plan is available for all Flame creative finishing products to help simplify budget planning and reduce unpredictable expenditures. Stay ahead of the game—pay one annual fee and receive upgrades automatically so that you have not only the latest features, but also technical support and extensions.

For more information about subscribing or a maintenance plan, contact your Autodesk reseller or sales representative

Benefits of subscribing or buying a maintenance plan for Flame products include:

  • Software upgrades
  • Software extensions (not available for sale)
  • Unlimited floating licenses of Burn software
  • Hotline and email support 12 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Access to the Creative Finishing Edge support portal
  • Home Use (only available for Flare and Flame Assist maintenance plans)
  • Waived Platform Transfer fees (not included on subscription)


  • Only current maintenance plan and subscription with multi-user access customers can install a Network Version License on a central server for the flexibility to access Flame when and where they need it. With a subscription with multi-user access, artists can run Flame from multiple workstations of certified hardware. The maximum number of workstations that can run Flame concurrently is equal to the number of Flame software licenses that are on a maintenance plan.
  • Only current maintenance plan customers can apply to participate in the prequalified Creative Finishing products beta programs.

Terms and conditions

Updated on January 16, 2016

Please read the Autodesk Maintenance Plan Terms and Conditions, Autodesk Subscription Terms and Conditions for Creative Finishing, and Support Terms and Conditions to understand your rights and obligations, and become more familiar with our offerings. Additional languages are available; please contact your account representative if you need them.

Maintenance plans

Subscription for creative finishing

Support terms and conditions

Support Terms and Conditions (English)

Support Terms and Conditions (French)

Support Terms and Conditions (German)

Support Terms and Conditions (Italian)

Support Terms and Conditions (Simplified Chinese)

Support Terms and Conditions (Spanish)

For Creative Finishing customers please note that your Autodesk Account for accessing support is the Creative Finishing Edge support portal and your Autodesk ID for support is the ID used to access the portal. Benefits or Entitlements for Creative Finishing are described on this webpage.

Autodesk Creative Finishing maintenance plans and subscription offer the following benefits. Please refer to the specific benefits terms for details.

 Support Benefits Terms for Creative Finishing (English) (pdf - 220Kb)
 Network Version Election Benefits Terms for Creative Finishing (English) (pdf - 189Kb)
 Previous Version Rights Benefits Terms for Creative Finishing (English) (pdf - 212Kb)
 Previous Version Eligibility List for Creative Finishing (pdf - 308Kb)
 Home Use Benefits Terms for Creative Finishing (English) (pdf - 377Kb)Maintenance plans for Flare and Flame Assist only

Please note that, for Creative Finishing, only the core Creative Finishing software programs are eligible for support and other maintenance plan and subscription benefits. These programs include:

  • Flame Premium (all platforms)
  • Flame (all platforms)
  • Flame Assist (all platforms)
  • Flare (all platforms)
  • Lustre (all platforms)

Certain supplemental programs may be delivered with core software programs. These programs are installed separately and designed to work with the core programs but are not eligible for support and other benefits. These include but are not limited to: Stone FS, Wire, Burn, Backdraft Conform, and Lustre Media Server.

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