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Case studies

User workflows with Fabrication

Autodesk customers use Fabrication CADmep, Fabrication ESTmep, and Fabrication CAMduct to help improve estimating, win new work, and drive MEP detailing and fabrication.

Autodesk Fabrication customer story: J.C. Cannistraro: University of Boston

J.C. Cannistraro: University of Boston

J.C. Cannistraro, a Massachusetts-based contractor that provides HVAC, fire protection, and facilities maintenance services, explains how it used Fabrication CADmep and reality capture on a central utility plant upgrade—with great results.

“We generated several hundred spool sheets for this project. With support from Fabrication CADmep software, it took half the time to create these sheets than it would using 2D drafting software, and the quality is much better.”

 J.C. Cannistraro customer story

Video: The Hill Group Fabrication customer story

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The Hill Group: Estimating, detailing, and fabrication

The Hill Group (formerly Hill Mechanical) is a Chicago-based mechanical contractor. Members of the firm discuss why they implemented the full Fabrication software portfolio to seamlessly control the estimating, detailing, and fabrication of MEP systems.

“It’s an actual real-world 3D model, made up of fabricatable, purchaseable components, but that also carry the relevant estimating information with them so that as you remove or add parts and pieces virtually in the model, you are also adding and removing labor and material costs and other things that are involved in the final number.”

Video: Southland Industries Fabrication customer story

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Southland Industries: Driving fabrication from design

Southland Industries is one of the largest building systems experts in the U.S. Company employees explain how they use Revit and Fabrication software to drive the design, detailing, fabrication, and installation of MEP systems.

“Autodesk Fabrication bridges the gap between Autodesk Revit and construction; it gives us the ability to take our design-build concept and enter into that single-model software delivery method that we want to be in and have wanted to be in for years.”

Video: Kemnor Sure Group Fabrication customer story

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Kemnor Sure Group: Winning new work with Fabrication

Kemnor Sure Group (KSG) is an MEP coordination and drafting company based in Sydney, Australia, that provides BIM services to many tier 1 and 2 contracting companies, as well as smaller design contractors. KSG staffers explain the benefits of using Fabrication software.

“Since we’ve started using Autodesk Fabrication, we’ve seen business grow between 20-25%, staff base has grown between 15% and 20%, and we’re looking to add further staff over the next year and a half. We’ve actually won some projects recently based on the software and experience we have.”