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New features for Autodesk CFD 2017

Learn about new features in Autodesk® CFD 2017, including SimStudio Tools, intuitive workflows, and expanded physics capabilities.

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    Key differentiators

  • Surface wrapping New

    Directly integrated into Autodesk CFD, surface wrapping provides a more efficient way to mesh complex models.

  • Custom result equations New

    Visually display any result if you know the equation, even if it’s not part of the default CFD settings. Create the custom result equation once and apply it throughout all of your analyses.

  • Particle tracing New

    It’s easier to interpret results and optimize your designs with the enhanced flow line visualization and particle tracing in Autodesk CFD software. The improved workflow gets you to your final results more quickly, so you can export higher quality images for your reports.

  • Solver technology New

    With CFD2, the new scalable solver technology used in Autodesk CFD software, you can take full advantage of any number of processors. The new distributed memory solver lets you segment your analysis across multiple computers, scaling linearly for hundreds of cores. You can solve larger models, and solve them more quickly than before.