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Autodesk CFD software benefits

Autodesk® CFD analysis software helps you automate repetitive tasks with a customizable interface. Connect to virtually any CAD system. Autodesk CFD is interoperable with other Autodesk software such as Revit, Simulation Mechanical, and Vault.

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    Key differentiators

  • Surface wrapping New

    Directly integrated into Autodesk CFD, surface wrapping provides a more efficient way to mesh complex models.

  • Custom result equations New

    Visually display any result if you know the equation, even if it’s not part of the default CFD settings. Create the custom result equation once and apply it throughout all of your analyses.

  • Particle tracing New

    It’s easier to interpret results and optimize your designs with the enhanced flow line visualization and particle tracing in Autodesk CFD software. The improved workflow gets you to your final results more quickly, so you can export higher quality images for your reports.

  • Solver technology New

    With CFD2, the new scalable solver technology used in Autodesk CFD software, you can take full advantage of any number of processors. The new distributed memory solver lets you segment your analysis across multiple computers, scaling linearly for hundreds of cores. You can solve larger models, and solve them more quickly than before.

  • CAD connection

    Link your CAD system to Autodesk CFD analysis software to create associative fluid flow and thermal simulations. Autodesk CFD connects to virtually any CAD system, allowing you to create fluid flow and thermal simulations of your designs. If you don’t have a 3D CAD system, use SimStudio tools for geometry creation and model editing and simplification.

  • Automation scripting

    Improve your design process—use the flexible Autodesk CFD Application Programming Interface (API) to automate and customize a wide variety of tasks. Automate repetitive tasks normally performed in the user interface. Create custom tasks and custom results quantities. Output results in customized or specialized formats.

  • High-quality visualization

    Combine analysis results from Autodesk CFD with dedicated visualization tools to create photo-realistic renderings. Gain interoperability with ShowcaseVRED3ds Max, and Maya

  • Geometry preparation with SimStudio Tools

    Quickly modify, simplify, repair and idealize your geometry for higher quality simulation models. SimStudio Tools reads in multiple CAD file formats and allows you to quickly simplify assemblies, eliminate unnecessary detail, perform basic repair, or easily make design changes so you can explore various design ideas faster.

  • Design Study Environment

    Use the Design Study Environment for all stages of your design-simulation process. Study design iterations within an intuitive workflow. Drive innovation by providing product teams with data to make informed design decisions. 

  • Intelligent automatic mesh sizing

    Use geometry and solution-based meshing automation. Meshing technology helps you quickly and efficiently prepare geometry for accurate and repeatable result, with automatic mesh sizing, geometry diagnostics, manual control options over local sizes and refinement regions, and solution-based adaptive sizing.

  • Cloud service

    Flexible cloud solving options

    Continue working locally while you solve in the cloud. Flexible solving options help you to simulate based on your needs. Test the setup of an analysis, and use your local resources to iterate and optimize your setup. To kick off a longer, more computationally intensive simulation, use the power of the cloud and free up your local resources for other tasks. 

  • Free surface

    Dynamically simulate the interface between liquids and gases with free surface modeling capability. Model flow phenomena—such as waves, sloshing, and spilling—that occur in nature as well as in a wide range of engineering applications.