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Features for Mechanical

Finite element analysis and modeling

Learn how Simulation Mechanical software provides fast, accurate mechanical simulation tools to help predict performance, optimize designs, and validate product behavior with Digital Prototyping. Flexible options let you solve on your local machine and use the cloud for additional solving capacity. 

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  • New

    What’s new in Simulation Mechanical 2015

    New features in Simulation Mechanical.

  • New

    Flexible solving options

    Local and cloud solving with a new product offering.

  • Easy-to-use interface

    Post-processing and report generation.

  • MultiCAD import

    Easily exchange data to improve design decisions.

  • Auto meshing and structural modeling

    Improve productivity and simulation accuracy.

  • Wide range of analysis capabilities

    Simulate vibrations, thermal effects, and more.

  • Low cycle and high cycle fatigue

    Determine the fatigue life of assemblies.

  • Nonlinear dynamic analysis (MES)

    Account for large-scale motion. (video: 2:15 min.)

  • Moldflow-Mechanical integration

    Simulate with manufactured material properties.

  • CFD-Mechanical integration

    Account for flow-based thermal and pressure load.

  • Design optimization

    Optimize the design and manufacture of models.