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Subscription, support, and services for Flame products

Maintenance Subscription for Flame creative finishing products offers an alternative to upgrading that helps simplify budget planning and reduces unpredictable expenditures. Stay ahead of the game—pay one annual fee and receive upgrades automatically so that you have not only the latest features, but also technical support and extensions.

For more information about the following Maintenance Subscription and Support offerings contact your Autodesk reseller or sales representative.

Maximize the value of your investment with Maintenance Subscription

Maintenance Subscription for Flame creative finishing products is your pipeline to the latest software. Delivering the latest features, Maintenance Subscription is an easy route to using the latest technology without worrying about outdated versions, major upgrades, and unpredictable expenditures. All of this comes with a direct link to Autodesk, so you can always be connected, informed, and one step ahead.

Maintenance Subscription benefits include:

  • Software upgrades
  • Software extensions (not available for sale)
  • Unlimited floating licenses of Burn software
  • Hotline and email support 12 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Access to the Creative Finishing Edge support portal
  • Maintenance (Upgrades, Support) for associated Infrastructure or Media Management software
  • Waived Platform Transfer fees


  • Only current Maintenance Subscription customers can install network licenses on a central server for the flexibility to access Flame when and where they need it. With network licensing, artists can run Flame from multiple workstations of certified hardware with the maximum number of workstations running Flame concurrently equal to the number of Flame software licenses you own and that are on Maintenance Subscription.
  • Only current Maintenance Subscription customers can apply to participate in the prequalified Creative Finishing products beta programs.
  • Get VIP status for Creative Finishing product training activities and trade show events organized by Autodesk.

Support and services

Hotline support

  • Telephone hotline and email support
  • Searchable online knowledgebase
  • Remote login diagnostics
  • Discussion forums and product mailing lists
  • Emergency license generation (24-hour online self-service)

Autodesk certified hardware support and third-party hardware support

  • Technical assistance and advanced parts exchange (APE) service for Autodesk hardware and peripherals such as storage, audio, tablets, graphics cards and monitors

On-site assistance

  • On-site technical assistance from Autodesk
  • Hotline Support or Maintenance Subscription plus Autodesk Hardware Support are prerequisites for purchasing on-site assistance

System integration and installation

  • Consider the on-site system configuration by a qualified technician.
  • Start production immediately and generate revenue for a faster return on investment.

Per-incident support

Telephone services, for customers without support contracts, charges apply per incident



Terms and conditions

Read the Autodesk Creative Finishing support and subscription agreement to understand your rights and obligations, and become more familiar with our offerings.

Updated on Feb. 19, 2013

 Autodesk Creative Finishing Support and Subscription Agreement - English (pdf - 281Kb)

Maintenance Subscription Terms and Conditions