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Autodesk 360 Tech Preview


Access, share, and upload design files anywhere

Autodesk® 360 is a cloud-based destination that provides free online data storage and a powerful, secure set of tools that improves the way you design, visualize, and simulate. Get anytime, anywhere access to your data, and virtually infinite computing power. Free up desktop resources, simplify collaboration, and streamline workflows.


Secure and centralized storage

Get up to 5GB of free online data storage, and tools to improve your file management processes. Upload large files anytime, anywhere.

Receive storage instantly by creating an account. Additional storage is available with Autodesk® Subscription.

Powerful collaboration capabilities

Cloud-based collaboration tools enable you to access and share your work, and communicate with your teams easily and efficiently—anytime, anywhere.

Share files with your team and upload large files. Invite them to view, mark up, share, and download designs directly in a web browser or mobile device. Follow user comments with the ongoing activity stream.
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Virtually infinite computing power

Produce compelling simulations and photorealistic visualizations without tying up the desktop or requiring specialized hardware.
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Flexible software access

Access your project files anytime, anywhere—from web and mobile devices—and streamline workflows throughout the project lifecycle.

With your Autodesk® 360 account you can save files to the cloud. View and edit them using any web browser or mobile device.
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View and edit 2D and 3D design files through a web browser using Autodesk 360 or via a mobile device using Autodesk 360 mobile apps.

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