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Improve MEP project modeling productivity

View AutoCAD® MEP videos and images to help you increase your MEP project productivity. Bring your 3D scans to life. Visualize points quickly within your workspace. Use dynamic input to add wires, plumbing lines, pipes, ducts, conduits, and more. Use simple keyboard shortcuts for convenience and efficiency.

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Productivity and usability

  • New

    Anchored object preview

    Preview MEP objects as they're moved or rotated.

  • New

    Electric Project Database (EPD) backup

    Create extra EPD backups for easy recovery.

  • New

    Color-coded version differentiation

    View differences in geometry between versions.

  • New

    Expected linework display

    Section linework displays as expected.

  • New

    Real-time change review

    Command Preview shows changes in real time.

  • New

    Movable style viewer

    Snap the Style Viewer alongside the Style Manager.

  • Automated property set definitions

    Automatically attach them and modify.

  • Annotation and unit scaling

    Objects and text change along with drawing units.

  • Display order by layer

    Set an order for layers and preview your changes.

  • Block swap

    Make changes to components as your design changes.

  • Point clouds

    Use point cloud data for renovation projects.