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New features for 2015

Enhanced hand drawn sketchy lines, better IFC file linking, and improved learning tools help improve your workflow with AutoCAD® MEP 2015 system design software. Family parameter order and temporary view properties help you to be design proficient. Duplicate views enable you to create documentation that's efficient and succinct.

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    Construction and content

  • Project Navigator CheckOut New

    CheckOut makes changes outside of the project structure to avoid frequent, unnecessary xref change notifications.

  • Project Navigator CheckIn New

    When you CheckIn a drawing, it is saved automatically. Team members will be notified of the updated version.

    Productivity and usability

  • Anchored object preview New

    Ducts, cable trays, pipes, conduits, and other anchored objects can be viewed as they're moved or rotated.

  • Electric Project Database (EPD) backup New

    EPD backup creates multiple copies of previous EPD files for easy recovery.

  • Color-coded version differentiation New

    The Visual Compare feature uses color codes to easily spot geometry differences between two versions of the same drawing.

  • Expected linework display New

    Improved section results enable the color of linework to display as expected.

  • Real-time change review New

    Command Preview allows you to see changes in real time before the command is integrated.

  • Movable style viewer New

    The Style Viewer tool can be moved to the left or right edge of the Style Manager or Edit Style dialog.