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New features in AutoCAD MEP 2016

AutoCAD® MEP mechanical, electrical, and plumbing software includes new features that can help improve your productivity and workflow.

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    Construction and content

  • Revision cloud (enhanced) New

    Specify the default type of revision cloud: Freehand, Polygonal, Rectangular, or Object. The Annotation Scale automatically scales the length of the revision cloud arc. This results in a consistent appearance in views with different scales.

  • Section enhancements New

    New enhancements help improve the way you work. You can now:

    • Refresh all sections in your drawing with a single click, and automatically update a selection set when objects are added.
    • Select the rise and fall of symbols in sections for duct and pipes when any portion of the object is within the section volume.
    • Create new section lines and generate section results with a single command.

  • Enhanced documentation New

    Create 3D models in AutoCAD MEP software and convert them to 2D for documentation needs. Improvements in the command line include the ability to auto-complete and differentiate commands and system variables. A wide palette of fonts and colors helps you create better-looking documentation. Improve drafting and modeling productivity with enhanced associative arrays.

    Productivity and usability

  • Style Browser (enhanced) New

    Navigate, search, and add object styles more efficiently. Dynamic search and a variety of sources and libraries help speed your work. Import preferred styles and add objects of a selected style to the current drawing. Customize the appearance of previews in the Style Browser.

  • Property visibility override New

    Now you can override visibility and order settings under Property Set Definitions in the Style Manager. After you've adjusted these settings to your needs, you can disable the properties to prevent them from being changed.

  • Elbow duct fitting (enhanced) New

    Choose the type of elbow that best fits your design when the sizes on both sides of the duct are equal. You can select Use Reducing Elbow, Use Straight Elbow and Reducer, or the new Use Reducing Elbow If Needed setting.

  • Status bar (enhanced) New

    The Application status bar now includes the Display Configuration and Cut Plane tools. The status bar wraps onto 2 lines so that you can see all the selected controls. The Drawing status bar has been removed.