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Share content, improve MEP design

Provide accurate and consistent MEP construction documents with AutoCAD® MEP software. Use 2D or 3D views and a diverse palette. Search local and network drives for designs, objects, and content to use within the design environment. Manage project drawings based on design parameters and access a centralized project directory.

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    Construction and content

  • Project Navigator CheckOut New

    CheckOut makes changes outside of the project structure to avoid frequent, unnecessary xref change notifications.

  • Project Navigator CheckIn New

    When you CheckIn a drawing, it is saved automatically. Team members will be notified of the updated version.

  • Enhanced documentation

    Enhanced documentation features help you create, rationalize, and document 2D views.

  • Integrated content search

    Quickly search for and access design files, objects, and content from within AutoCAD MEP design software with AutoCAD Content Explorer.

  • AutoCAD block and symbol conversion

    Individually convert or batch-convert single or multiple AutoCAD blocks, MvBlocks, or MvParts to a device or schematic symbol.

  • Drawing management

    Manage project drawings more easily by creating coordinated views based on MEP design parameters.

  • Pipe content and routing preferences

    Use routing preferences inside the application with sloped piping and male x female routing.