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Productivity tools for mechanical drafting

AutoCAD® Mechanical drafting software provides a simplified CAD drafting environment for manufacturing and automates most tasks. AutoCAD Mechanical offers high-impact productivity tools to AutoCAD users performing updates and iterative design changes. Add, delete, and edit dimensions with specialized tools.

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    Mechanical design productivity

  • Layer groups: isolate, restore, and more feature New

    Isolate layer groups and restore them at the click of a ribbon button. You can also specify linetypes and lineweights for layer groups. In the Mechanical Layer Manager, you can choose to use the layer group linetype and lineweight.

  • Drawing rectangles is easier New

    All the rectangle creation commands are now on the ribbon. You can see a preview of the rectangle as you create it. In addition to the point, click, and drag methods, you can now specify precise lengths using dynamic input.

  • 700,000 standard parts and features

    Rely on a comprehensive set of standards-based components to produce accurate mechanical drawings and get more consistent results on the shop floor. Insert content and let AutoCAD Mechanical clean up the surrounding geometry so you don’t have to edit it manually. The software supports international mechanical drafting standards and includes libraries of more than 700,000 standard parts.

    Parts include:

    • Screws, nuts, and washers
    • Pins, rivets, and bushings
    • Plugs, lubricators, and sealing rings
    • Bearing and shaft components
    • Structural steel shapes
    • Through, tapped, blind, and oblong holes
    • Undercuts, keyways, and thread ends
  • Document 3D CAD models

    Browse Inventor files and create new linked AutoCAD Mechanical drawings based on the most current 3D designs. Incorporate design revisions with associative links that alert users to changes and regenerate the 2D drawing. Create section and detail views from any existing drawing view. Use AutoCAD and Inventor 3D models to produce associative and nonassociative 2D drawings, or generate nonassociative 2D drawings from other 3D models.

  • Command preview and contextual menus

    Preview chamfers, fillets, and offsets as you select the objects to use in the command. View and modify parameters using the new ribbon contextual menu for fillet and chamfer properties.

  • Reusable mechanical drawing detailing tools

    Using a specific tool for almost every aspect of the mechanical CAD drafting process can save you time. Intelligent mechanical drafting tools enable you to re-edit features without having to remove and recreate the original feature. For example, you can easily resize a chamfer or fillet through the original dialog box parameters by double-clicking the chamfer or fillet.

    Tools include:

    • Detail views—easily create linked views at different scales.
    • Hole charts—automatically update charts for the shop floor.
    • Title and revision blocks—available in imperial and metric versions.
  • Layer management

    The layer management system automatically places items on the correct layer—with correct color and linetype—as you create your mechanical drawing. You can easily customize AutoCAD Mechanical drafting software based on your company requirements, and use layer management to differentiate your drawings.

  • Hidden lines

    Update geometry automatically when changes occur, and minimize time-consuming manual redrawing. Define simple foreground and background selections that redraw geometry to show hidden or dashed lines of parts obstructed by other parts in your design. Identical parts can have different geometrical appearances when hidden. AutoCAD Mechanical recognizes that they are still identical  if you need to change the design or get an accurate count for the parts list.

  • Mechanical drafting standards update

    ISO 1302-2002 surface texture symbols support surface indication leaders. You can attach these symbols to edges, and they remain associative to objects, but they originate from a surface or face.

    Symbols include the following:

    • Welding symbols
      • Introduce scale factor settings to resize welding elements independently of the text height.
      • Expose the process gap settings to control these gaps.
    • Surface texture symbols
      • Support attachment to feature control frames symbol.
      • Support the 2006 revision of the GB/T 131 drafting standard.
    • Datum identifier symbols
      • Support attachment to feature control frames symbol.
      • Enhancements to support the 2012 revision of the ISO 1101 drafting standard (DIN, BSI, and CSN).
    • Datum target symbols
      • Line termination of datum target symbols enhanced to comply with the 2011 revision of ISO 5459 (DIN, BSI, and CSN).
    • Feature control frame symbols
      • Supports the use of additional symbols specified by the 2012 revision of ISO 1101 (DIN, BSI, and CSN).
  • Machinery generators and calculators

    Get comprehensive tools to more efficiently build mechanisms from paper catalogs and manual calculations. Built into the application environment, these machinery generator and calculator tools—including shaft, spring, belt, chain, and cam generators—can help you make small, iterative changes to improve mechanical drawings. They not only create parts according to your specifications, but they also create all the reports and calculations you need to analyze the design.

  • Custom part publishing support

    All part publishing features that apply to standard parts are available for custom parts. Add custom parts to the existing content library to share within your organization. Provide intelligence to these parts by adding parametric constraints to them through an easy-to-use environment. Use key features, including a Grip Snap tool and a Size-by-Drag tool.

  • Extended draw toolbar for manufacturing

    AutoCAD Mechanical provides additional mechanical drawing and drafting options beyond what’s available in AutoCAD, including:

    • More than 30 options for rectangle, arc, and circle creation
    • Automatic centerline creation and updating
    • Specialty lines for breakout views and section lines
    • A full suite of construction lines for aligning drafting views
  • Infer constraint integration

    Geometrically and dimensionally constrain rectangles, symmetrical lines, and centerlines in mechanical drawings. Turn on Auto Constrain to automatically infer geometrical constraints while creating objects. Once constrained, rectangles remain rectangular and centerlines remain in the center of circles or holes.

  • Content manager Standard Parts live update

    Get integrated live updates to your Standard Parts library as revisions and new standards become available through content manager. Automatically update the parts within your design to reflect periodic revisions.

  • Custom content library

    Create and save standard or custom parts and features for easy access and reuse. Save time and increase efficiency—use the Favorites folder to bookmark parts and features you use daily.