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GIS analysis for improved data decisions

Spatial and GIS analysis tools in AutoCAD® Map 3D software help you visualize data through queries, buffers, and reports. Make more informed decisions and streamline geospatial data management.

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    GIS analysis and planning tools

  • Analysis tools

    Answer questions and make better decisions about your data with support from GIS analysis and planning tools. Features and functionality make visualization and evaluation of design and geospatial information easier. Link information in vector and tabular formats together; perform data queries; create thematic maps; build topologies; create reports; perform buffer, tracing, and overlay analysis.

  • Coordinate systems and geolocation

    Commercial basemap and geolocation tools lets you bring in aerial data, roads, and hybrid aerial-road maps. Geocode and reverse geocode points based on address, capture and incorporate data from aerial photography, and convert to vector data.

  • Create coordinate systems (enhanced)

    Search for or create coordinate systems using custom grid files, and use modern algorithms for transforming coordinate systems. Work with more than 4,000 real-world coordinate systems, or define and manage your own custom coordinate system. New coordinate system definitions are available in real time, increasing the flexibility of working with different coordinate systems when managing your infrastructure. 

  • Create and edit symbols

    Import common public-domain symbols into a mapping environment and edit them to meet specific requirements.

  • Dynamic tooltips and links

    Roll over a feature to display properties, such as tooltips and links.