Integrated stormwater and geospatial analysis

Connect visualization and analysis with design using AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software. Improve project delivery and make more informed decisions using visualization, simulation and analysis integrated with the design process for stormwater management, geospatial analysis, and model analysis. 


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    Visualization & analysis

  • Geospatial analysis

    Take advantage of geospatial analysis capabilities to help inform planning studies. Use the advanced geospatial functionality in AutoCAD Civil 3D civil engineering design software to perform spatial queries, create thematic maps, and conduct buffer, tracing, and overlay analysis. 

  • Storm and sanitary analysis

    Storm and Sanitary Analysis software is included in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 and all editions of Infrastructure Design Suite 2016. Dynamic model elements are no longer limited to design and construction documents. Create more design scenarios while keeping the model up-to-date. Perform analysis much earlier in the design process for multiple types of projects.

  • Model analysis

    Minimize redundancy in your workflow by analyzing the model you’ve already built. Get feedback in real time as you refine the design. Use slope, elevation, and contour analysis to better understand of your surface model. Mass haul and earthwork features help contractors and engineers plan the movements, amounts, and placements of material during construction. 

  • Visual analysis

    Develop reproductions of corridor models using render materials that correspond to corridor elements, such as asphalt or concrete, in the model. Use line-of-sight tools, including point-to-point and sight distance along a corridor, to visually inspect the 3D models. Use the IMX import/export functionality between AutoCAD Civil 3D and InfraWorks 360 software products for additional visual analysis.

  • River & flood analysis

    Available with Infrastructure Design Suite 2016 Ultimate on Desktop or Maintenance Subscription, the River and Flood Analysis Module* automates analysis and mapping functions. Automate HEC-RAS cross section cutting, water surface analysis, flood plain mapping, and all related modeling tasks. Perform automated bridge scour computations. Automatically generate floodplain and floodway maps for agency submittals.

  • AutoCAD Civil 3D with 3ds Max

    Create professional-quality visualizations using AutoCAD Civil 3D software with 3ds Max software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing. Transform civil design geometry and models into near-photorealistic design visualizations faster and more efficiently with 3ds Max 2016 software and the Civil View feature set included with 3ds Max.