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Architecture software streamlines design tasks

AutoCAD® Architecture software offers features that enable you to create architectural drawings, designs, documentation, and schedules more quickly and easily. Built with architects in mind, AutoCAD Architecture has new features that help to automate tedious drafting tasks, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.

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  • Project Navigator CheckOut New

    CheckOut enables changes to be made outside of the project structure to avoid frequent, unnecessary xref change notifications.

  • Project Navigator CheckIn New

    When you CheckIn a drawing, it is saved automatically. Team members will be notified of the updated version.

  • Color-coded version differentiation New

    Visual Compare highlights graphic changes and geometry differences between two versions of a drawing.

  • Easier style import New

    Bring styles from external files into the current drawing quickly and easily.

  • Easier Style searching New

    The Style Search tool enables you to find styles in multiple drawings by entering any part of the name.

  • Preview Architectural Object styles New

    With Style Preview, you can now visually confirm walls, doors, windows, and other Architectural Object styles in the Properties Palette before use.

  • Moveable Style Viewer New

    You can now move and "snap" the viewer dialog to the left or right edge of the Style Manager or Edit Style dialog.

  • Real-time Fillet/Chamfer changes New

    Command Preview enables you to see Fillet and Chamfer changes in real time, as you make them, even before the command is complete.

  • Dynamic wall moves New

    Command Preview enables you to see anchored objects, as walls are moved or offset with location grip, so you can more easily anticipate change.

  • Improved section cleanup New

    Improved section cleanup results enable the color of line work to display as expected.

  • Roof Properties in Schedule tables New

    Schedule tables can now include the perimeter, top, and bottom area of Roof Objects, so you can include them in cost estimates and quantity takeoffs.

  • Automated property set definitions

    Automatically attach property set definitions to architectural objects, so you can complete quantity takeoff calculations more easily.

  • Annotation and unit scaling

    Change drawing units and object tags, text, and other annotation scaled objects to keep the same relative appearance and size.

  • Display order by layer

    Set order for layers in a list, and apply the display order for objects on each layer. Preview changes to make sure they are predictable.

  • Easy changes to block instances

    As your design changes, you can make changes to your components more easily. Assign block instances a different definition without recreating the block.

  • Streamlined door functionality

    A top AUGI request: AutoCAD Architecture streamlines the workflow for adding doors or windows to a wall by restoring the previous option.

  • Sections and elevations

    Generate 2D sections and elevations with material hatching directly from your floor plans.

  • Walls, doors, and windows

    Create documents and architectural drawings using walls, doors, and windows that mimic real-world behavior and construction.

  • Architectural drawing creation and annotation

    Document and annotate architectural drawings faster with the extensive library of detail components and powerful keynoting tools.

  • Streamlined user interface

    A sleek user interface offers optimized desktop organization, a large drawing window, and easy access to tools and commands.

  • Integrated rendering

    Bring architectural designs to life for impressive client presentations at any stage.

  • Wall dimensioning

    With AEC Dimensions, you can dimension any wall and all its components according to your own standards.

  • Customized scheduling

    Easily customize the look of out-of-the-box schedule styles to meet your company's standards.

  • Space tagging and documentation

    Automatically tag every room in your architectural drawing, complete with room areas.

  • Room documentation

    Use the Roombook feature to apply multiple finishes to a surface.

  • Architectural renovation

    Building renovation tools can help you to speed the design and production of renovation projects.

  • Industry Foundation Class (IFC) support

    The software provides Industry Foundation Class (IFC) file format support.