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Alias Automotive

Discontinued: Alias Automotive

What's changing for Alias Automotive customers?

Alias Automotive 2015 is the final release of the Alias Automotive product. Alias AutoStudio 2015 is replacing Alias Automotive software.

When we released Alias AutoStudio 2015, buying a new license or new Maintenance Subscription contract for Alias Automotive was no longer an option. However, Maintenance Subscription renewal for Alias Automotive remains on the price list to support the move from Alias Automotive to AutoStudio.

Why is Autodesk making this change?

Alias AutoStudio software, part of the Digital Prototyping solution, is the next-generation solution for automotive design, styling, and technical surfacing. With further extended workflow capabilities, including VRED Design 2015 visualization software, Alias AutoStudio provides an extensive set of sketching, modeling, visualization, and analysis tools for the entire vehicle design process. By providing a continuous workflow, from concept generation through Class-A surfacing, the software helps automotive companies produce design iterations quicker, reduce rework, and bring innovative vehicles to market faster.

What is the migration strategy?

Alias Automotive Maintenance Subscription customers will be, or have already been, offered a zero-cost migration to Alias AutoStudio 2015.

For Alias Automotive customers who are currently on Autodesk Subscription, there are still options to buy: