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Computer animation features

Create intelligent, believable characters and high-quality animations with the help of the sophisticated 3D animation toolset in 3ds Max® software. With the fully integrated Character Animation Toolkit (CAT) and Biped toolsets, creating and editing animated characters is faster and easier.

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    3D animation

  • Populate enhancements New

    Get increased artistic control, better realism, and improved usability with the enhanced Populate crowd animation feature.

  • Populate crowd animation

    Generate moving or idle crowds to enrich architectural presentations with believable human motion, or to previsualize a film or video scene.

  • Character animation and rigging tools

    Create believable characters in less time with sophisticated character animation and rigging tools.

  • General animation tools

    Use a number of keyframe and procedural animation tools for almost any parameter in your scene.

  • Animated deformers

    Add life to creatures and simulate fluidic effects with a number of animated deformers.