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3ds Max Design 2015 vs. 2014 vs. 2013

Compare the features of 3ds Max Design 2015 3D modeling, animation, simulation, and rendering software with previous versions. The latest release offers new point cloud support, placement tools, enhancements to Populate and ActiveShade, accelerated viewport performance, and better tools for managing complex scenes.

3ds Max Design 2015
3ds Max Design 2015
3ds Max Design 2014
3ds Max Design 2014
3ds Max Design 2013
3ds Max Design 2013
3D animation & simulation
Populate enhancements
Populate: automatic crowd generation
Exposure lighting simulation and analysis
General animation tools
Dynamics, effects, and simulation
3D modeling & texturing
Point cloud support
Placement tools
Quad chamfer
Polygon, spline, and NURBS-based modeling
Painting, mapping, and materials
Vector map support
3D rendering
Stereo Camera
Enhanced ActiveShade rendering
Integrated rendering options
Render pass system
Slate compositing editor
Viewport, cameras & shaders
Accelerated viewport performance
ShaderFX real-time visual shader editor
Perspective matching tools
Nitrous high-performance and quality viewport
2D pan and zoom
UI, workflow & pipeline
Enhanced scene management
Python scripting
3ds Max Design SDK
DirectConnect support
AutoCAD and Revit interoperability
Civil View feature set
After Effects/Photoshop interoperability
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