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Building Products, Equipment & Fabrication

BIM for Product Manufacturers and Fabricators

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Design, visualize, and simulate building products and equipment digitally, and create BIM-ready models to help win project bids

Workflow for building products, equipment, and fabrication design


Help improve bidding profitability, reduce costly errors, and promote better collaboration by demonstrating how your validated building product design will work in your client’s architectural context. Deliver compelling 3D sales presentations and BIM-ready content that helps set you apart from the competition.



  • Sales & estimating

    Improve bidding profitability and create custom and engineer-to-order products with easy-to-use workflows that automate design and configuration processes.

    Deliver 3D BIM-ready content that helps clients see how designs work in the proper architectural context.

    Reuse existing 2D and 3D designs as starting points for your new design concepts to save time.

  • Marketing & design communication

    Easily create interactive sales presentations, animations, and visualizations from CAD models that demonstrate your unique value. 

    Use BIM processes to collaborate more effectively with architects, engineers, and builders, and prevent miscommunications that cause project delays.

    Protect intellectual property by publishing simplified 3D representations of product models for use in Autodesk® Revit® and Autodesk® AutoCAD® software.

  • Project management

    Gain more control over design data with revision management capabilities and the ability to quickly find and reuse design data. 

    Reduce potential overhead cost and project delays caused by errors and lost data.

    Provide a clear view into the decisions that impact your design decisions so you can be confident that your team is moving in the right direction.

  • Project engineering

    Digitally test the form, fit, and function of designs to make better decisions earlier in the process.

    Automate the process of 3D modeling and documentation based on rules for configuring new products.

    Optimize products for performance and material cost, resulting in fewer physical prototypes.

  • Production engineering & manufacturing

    Design, optimize, and communicate the most efficient factory layout. Analyze digital factory models before installing equipment to reduce risks.

    Communicate better with manufacturing teams and avoid costly assembly errors by publishing interactive, 3D assembly instructions directly from your CAD data. 

    Reduce manufacturing and design errors and speed cycle times with revision control.

  • Installation, commissioning, support & maintenance

    Outline installation, commissioning, and maintenance activities to further differentiate from the competition.  

    Coordinate with other trades and inform them of coordination and collaboration issues that will need to be addressed during the project delivery cycle.

    Provide mobile access to interactive, 3D assembly instructions so that field technicians, sales teams, and customers have the information they need.

All products for building products, equipment, and digital fabrication

Autodesk Building Design Suite integrated building design software

Building Design Suite
Integrated building design software featuring BIM and CAD tools.

AutoCAD software for 2D and 3D CAD

CAD design, drafting, modeling, drawing, and engineering software.

BIM 360 Glue cloud-based management solution for building and infrastructure projects

BIM 360 Glue
Cloud‐based BIM management supporting multidisciplinary collaboration.

Autodesk Inventor mechanical design and 3D CAD software

Easy-to-use 3D mechanical design and documentation.

Autodesk Inventor Publisher technical documentation software

Inventor Publisher
Technical documentation software for creating 2D and 3D documentation.


Autodesk Simulation 360 cloud-based simulation software

Sim 360
Flexible simulation tools that take full advantage of the cloud.


Autodesk Factory Design Suite integrated factory layout software

Factory Design Suite
Integrated factory layout design, optimization, and visualization.

Autodesk Vault data management software

AutoCAD 360
Cloud-based CAD editor app available for web and mobile.

Autodesk Vault data management software

Configurator 360
Product configuration software for uploading designs to the cloud.

Autodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order development platform

Inventor Engineer-to-Order
A flexible development platform for creating custom branded apps.

Autodesk Vault data management software

Mockup 360
A real-time collaboration and digital design mockup tool.

Autodesk Simulation set of simulation software tools

Software simulation tools for mobile, desktop, and cloud use.

Autodesk Product Design Suite integrated product design software

Product Design Suite
Integrated 3D mechanical design, simulation, and visualization.

Autodesk PLM 360 cloud-based PLM alternative

Autodesk PLM 360
Cloud-based alternative to traditional product lifecycle management solutions.

Autodesk Vault data management software

Fusion 360
3D CAD software that combines industrial and mechanical design tools.

Autodesk Inventor Professional 3D CAD software

Inventor Professional
3D mechanical design, simulation, routed systems, and tooling design.

The online source for product specs and models for use in CAD apps.

Autodesk Vault data management software

Data management software for organizing, managing, and tracking data.

Industry trends and topics

Make BIM and Digital Prototyping your competitive advantage

With the growing adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM), architects and contractors often require model-based, BIM-ready information from building equipment manufacturers and fabricators as part of the bid acceptance criteria. Autodesk can bridge the benefits of Digital Prototyping and BIM, helping manufacturers increase productivity, reduce costs, and achieve higher customer acquisition rates.

 Read the white paper: BIM Revolution for the BPM&F 

What customers are saying

Products they used

Watts Water Technologies, Inc.

Continually introducing innovative products, Water Watts Technologies outpaces its competition by transforming Digital Prototyping data into Building Information Modeling (BIM) content for its AEC customers.

 Watts Water Technologies customer story

Adolfson & Peterson Construction

This firm uses digital prototypes and BIM to aid construction coordination on a complex neutrino detection facility, reduce errors, and earn the trust of its university client.

 Adolfson & Peterson Construction customer story

Aluminum Curtain Wall Systems Inc.

With Digital Prototyping software from Autodesk, Aluminum Curtain Wall Systems Inc. boosts innovation, speeds design time, and streamlines the fabrication process for its innovative glass and aluminum curtain walls.

 Aluminum Curtain Wall Systems Inc. customer story

Dynamic Structures

By using Autodesk solutions for Digital Prototyping, Dynamic Structures is able to reduce the time it takes to revise part and assembly drawings for telescopes by an estimated 20%.

 Dynamic Structures customer story