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Automotive OEMs

Design and manufacture best-in-class cars with tools designed for automotive manufacturers

Workflow for automotive OEM design, simulation, and manufacturing


Create high-quality concepts and designs early in the car design process. Help improve decision making with near-photorealistic real-time visualization. Cut cost and time with simulation. Increase efficiency and quality in production engineering, and improve flexibility and results in production planning.


Product Used

  • Concept design

    Easily express and communicate ideas and digital concepts with the development and creation of artistic sketches and drawings early in the design process.

    Visualize and review designs in real time to make faster real time decisions during concept review.

    Reduce the need for physical clay models and speed concept development by working with virtual 3D concept models in the early phases of the design process.

  • Design & styling

    Efficiently turn a concept model into a detailed surface design with 3D concept development, surface design and visualization, and design review.

    Reuse information beyond the geometry, such as cameras, shading, shows, and materials, to efficiently visualize the design model.

    Generate movie-quality, production-ready, high-resolution CGI and videos for reuse in marketing.

  • Technical surfacing

    Develop high-quality, high-fidelity, production-ready surfaces from the design model with professional surfacing tools. 

    Judge the perceived quality in context of texture, color, and illumination without the need for a physical 3D car model.

  • Sales and marketing, POS

    Generate movie-quality, production-ready, high-resolution CGI and videos for reuse in marketing.

    Generate high-resolution CGI from real-time visualizations with easier modification, including the addition of colors or alternative geometries during the product lifecycle.

  • Product engineering

    Design accelerators and modules for sheet metal and plastic part design to streamline design processes.

    Secure design data and set up and manage workgroup data management with multisite collaboration and access to enterprise resource planning (ERP).

    Use real-time visualization such as perceived quality, light design, and gap analysis during engineering reviews.

  • Product simulation

    Reduce costly tool changes and iterations by analyzing and understanding plastic part behavior during the early part of the manufacturing process.

    Increase innovation by exploring alternatives and predicting behaviors with upfront flow, heat transfer, and cooling analysis. 

    Make necessary changes earlier with upfront simulations of electromechanical or mechanical designs in multiphysics environments.

    Easily use new-generation, real-time visualization for simulation result reviews.

    Securely manage simulation data and use multisite collaboration and access to ERP systems.

  • Production equipment design

    Reduce costly prototypes, increase efficiency and reduce cycle time with production equipment design based on engineering and product data and accelerators such as frame generator.

    Use built-in productivity tools and libraries to enable an efficient 2D design process. Take advantage of existing legacy and external 2D data.

    Efficiently design and maintain electrical wire diagrams for production equipment machinery with a toolset that includes libraries and electrical logic.

    Optimize production processes and reduce iterations and costly tool changes with better and earlier understanding of plastic part behavior during the manufacturing process.

    Easily set up and manage workgroup data management and secure design data while allowing multisite collaboration and access to ERP systems.

    Easily set up PLM backbone to manage engineering processes in production equipment design, and collaborate beyond the firewall.

  • Factory planning

    Plan efficiently with provided libraries, or build your own. Increase flexibility with 3D visual layouts. Transfer 2D layouts to 3D. Aggregate data sources to reduce risk during installation and operation.

    Access a centralized information system for the entire design process, from planning through operation.

    Easily set up and manage workgroup data management and secure design data while allowing multisite collaboration and access to ERP systems

    Easily set up a PLM backbone to manage engineering processes in production equipment design, and collaborate with suppliers and contractors beyond the firewall.

  • Documentation

    Create interactive instructions via storyboards and snapshots, and easily transfer them to working templates, digital publishing, or mobile viewing tools.

    Efficiently develop 2D documentation based on the DWG™ format for maximum interoperability.

All products for automotive OEMs

Autodesk Building Design Suite integrated building design software

Building Design Suite
Integrated building design software featuring BIM and CAD tools.

Autodesk Alias industrial design software products

Industrial design tools for conceptual design and surface modeling.

Mockup 360
A real-time collaboration and digital design mockup tool.

Photorealistic 3D design rendering software.

Autodesk Factory Design Suite integrated factory layout software

Factory Design Suite
Integrated 3D factory layout software for design and visualization.

Autodesk PLM 360 cloud-based PLM alternative

Fusion Lifecycle
Cloud-based alternative to traditional product lifecycle management solutions.

Autodesk Simulation Moldflow plastic injection molding tools

Software simulation tools for mobile, desktop, and cloud use.

Autodesk Product Design Suite integrated product design software

Product Design Suite
3D design, visualization, and simulation tools for product creation.

Autodesk Inventor Publisher technical documentation software

Inventor Publisher
Technical documentation software for creating 2D and 3D documentation.

Autodesk Vault data management software

Data management software for organizing, managing, and tracking data.

Industry trends and topics

Support for lightweight design and material substitution

Designing automobiles with greater fuel efficiency and a reduced CO2 footprint is a priority for automotive manufacturers. Autodesk provides tools that support material substitution and help you simulate and optimize lightweight plastic parts. Stay in compliance with regulations and environmental standards with vehicle design software that helps you stay one step ahead.

Tools that help you meet your sustainability goals

Sustainability is an important factor in automobile manufacturing. To help you meet your sustainability goals, Autodesk provides tools for upfront factory optimization, factory flow analysis, and workplace light simulation. Help reduce energy costs and water consumption, and help provide a better working environment for your team.
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