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Better bridge design

Streamline  structural bridge design  with Autodesk software.

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Accelerate bridge design and construction projects with integrated design, visualization and analysis software

Workflow for bridge design


Use bridge design software to help accelerate project completion. Design and document with intelligent model-based solutions. Plan bridge construction virtually to help validate construction feasibility.



  • Bridge concepts

    Create and visualize more realistic civil structures to evaluate bridge design options more quickly as part of the overall roadway design project.

    Create and manage multiple preliminary design alternatives more efficiently.

  • Bridge design

    For small- to medium-span bridges, integrate all stages of the design process; from loading, to stress analysis, to beam design.

    Create detailed designs faster with productivity tools that help you define bridge components quickly and easily.

    More easily understand structural behavior with side-by-side graphical displays of data and results at all stages of stress analysis and design.

    Design sections and bridge beams based on a variety of international standards including Eurocodes, AASHTO LRFD, British Standards, and Australian and New Zealand Standards.

  • Visualization

    Automate the creation of high-impact visuals to support public participation and communication.

    Improve public engagement and help speed approvals by sharing models and scenarios with a larger range of stakeholders in a secure cloud environment.

  • Construction coordination

    Integrate 3D models from AutoCAD Civil 3D, Revit, AutoCAD Utility Design, and other sources, and tie construction tasks to different design elements.

    Assign start and stop dates for demolition or construction of elements to generate 4D simulations and construction sequencing.

    Uncover design problems and constructability issues more effectively by simulating what-if scenarios and bridge construction site logistics.

All products for bridge design

InfraWorks 360 civil infrastructure design software

InfraWorks 360
Engineer preliminary design options in context and improve collaboration.

Navisworks products project review software

Project review software for analysis, simulation, and clash detection.

Bridge Design for InfraWorks 360 bridge design software

Bridge Design for InfraWorks 360
Model and visualize structures in the context of the proposed site.

Structural Bridge Design finite element analysis software

Structural Bridge Design
Bridge design software for small- to medium-span bridges.

What customers are saying

Products they used

Breijn B.V: Linge River Bridge


InfraWorks 360 helps Multiconsult aggregate a single data-rich model and develop preliminary design alternatives and visualizations in the context of existing environments.

 Multiconsult customer story  

Breijn B.V: Linge River Bridge

Breijn B.V.

A Dutch civil engineering firm used Autodesk BIM solutions to design and simulate construction of a replacement railroad bridge built in 1860, meeting client expectations for cost and aesthetics.

 Breijn B.V. customer story   

Sundt Construction: Sellwood Bridge

Sundt Construction

Autodesk BIM solutions help prove feasibility of proposed construction method of a replacement bridge in Portland, Oregon.

 Sundt Construction customer story