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The program

The Autodesk IDEA Studio is a residency program for researchers who use Autodesk products in advanced, imaginative ways to solve problems.

  • We typically support 1 to 2 residency projects per quarter.
  • The average grant amount is approximately US$18,000.
  • Each residency lasts approximately 1 to 3 months.
  • Residents work in the award-winning Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco.

Projects are selected through quarterly proposal submission process.

The IDEA Studio at the Autodesk Gallery
The IDEA Studio is surrounded by exhibits that highlight the design, engineering, and creative process, from first spark of inspiration to final completion. Named a top destination by Wired magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle, thousands of design professionals and enthusiasts visit the gallery each year. The IDEA Studio is a great place for researchers to get inspired and make exciting connections.

Residency projects
The IDEA Studio typically supports 1 to 2 residency projects per quarter, each lasting approximately 1 to 3 months. Projects span disciplines, and researchers from both academia and industry can participate. Past project topics have ranged from synthetic biology and building core modeling, to flight-path planning. What ties all IDEA Studio projects together is that Autodesk products are used in advanced and imaginative ways to solve problems.

Residents participate in a program that includes:

  • An inspirational, open workspace in the IDEA Studio
  • A tailored network of Autodesk employees who provide consultative guidance and mentorship
  • Funding—paid to the resident’s institution or company—to support the residency and research project, which may include housing and relocation expenses
  • A dedicated web page about each IDEA Studio project
  • Opportunities to present and disseminate research and results

Current and recent projects

Proposal deadlines
Residency projects are selected through a quarterly proposal review process.

Decisions are communicated within 8 weeks of each proposal submission deadline.