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How long has the Expert Elite program been in existence?

The Expert Elite Program launched at Autodesk University, November 2012.

Is the Expert Elite program global?

Yes, this is a global program. The members represent over 20 different countries.

How many members are in the Expert Elite program?

There are over 160 members in the Expert Elite Program.

When are the Expert Elite member enrollment periods?

We have 2 enrollment periods per year. The enrollment periods are February and August.

How does a customer that is interested in the Expert Elite program submit their nomination?

Please go to and click on the nomination link.

Can resellers join the Expert Elite program?

Yes, we have several Expert Elite members that work for resellers.

Is the Expert Elite program made up of Autodesk employees?

No, the Expert Elite program is not available for Autodesk employees. The program is to recognize customers around the world who have not only worked to master the use of Autodesk products but also those that have made significant contributions to their time and knowledge to help other customers through channels like the Autodesk Community forums, social media, third party forums and blogs.

How can I find out more about the Expert Elite program?

Please refer to our Expert Elite, Terms of Service which can be found on our web page or contact us directly