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Meet Barking Mouse

Sweat, Swearing & Tears

Sweat, Swearing & Tears - Modern Dream

Meet game developers Ollie Clarke, Helana Santos, and Chris Randle of Modern Dream as they talk about their passion for
games, art, and music, and how independent games can be business-oriented and still be fun.

Chapter 3: Moving Forward

The Game Makers: Building off careers in AAA before moving on to create their own studio, Modern Dream brings a mature and practical approach to building indie games. They’ve embraced the indie community and are huge advocates of working and learning together. They share their experience and offer advice through a cool co-working space called The Arch Creatives.

About the Game: LA Cops is a fast-paced, action packed shootout game with a hint of strategy, set to the theme of cops in Los Angeles in the 70’s. The game combines the best of modern top-down shooters with a unique 3D art style and is unapologetically filled with aggressive gunplay. LA Cops has been very well received as a Steam Early Access game, and is available starting March 13, 2015 for PC and Xbox One.

Chapter 1: The Journey

Chapter 2: From lemons to lemonade

Sweat, Swearing & Tears - Cupcakes & Critters

Meet the Cupcakes & Critters team as they talk about being an indie game maker in NYC, about what keeps them going,
the struggles and joys of starting their studio, Initive Inc. and creating their first 3d game together

Chapter 3: What it takes

The Game Makers: This will be the first game from Steven Colón and his team of five young, creative, and business savvy game makers at Initive, Inc. Their philosophy is to not only create a fun and engaging game to play, but deliver a high quality 3D experience along with a strong product brand and a loyal community of users.

About the Game: It is genre-mixing tower defense game for mobile and web in which players protect a cute, customizable cupcake from hordes of nasty critters, ranging from roaches to zombie dust bunnies, using touch controls. Featuring both single and cross-platform multiplayer gameplay, players defend their own cupcake, or a cupcake neighborhood created with friends. Look for Cupcakes & Critters in mid 2015.

Chapter 1: Crunch time

Chapter 2: Creating Community

Sweat, Swearing & Tears - Barking Mouse Studio

Meet game makers Danielle Swank and Jim Fleming of Barking Mouse Studio as they talk about their passion for games and the emotional
experiences that led them to create their first indie game "Lost Toys".

Chapter 4: What's Next

The Game Makers: Barking Mouse's first game was well received, winning numerous arwards and getting featured by Apple as "app of the week" on iTunes in 2013.

About the Game
: "Lost Toys" is an engaging 3D puzzle game that takes full advantage of 3D gameplay and the multi-touch interface of iOS devices to provide a meditative and moody take on a classic puzzle. The play "Lost Toys", you must reassemble broken toys, in a limited number of moves, to restore them to their original design.

Chapter 1: Meet Barking Mouse

Chapter 2: Designing Lost Toys

Chapter 3: Being Indie

3D Game Character Creation


From concepting to exporting into the game engine: 7 steps
to building your next great 3D character

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