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Get started with Maya LT for $30/month*

Get started with Maya LT for $30/month*

Meet Barking Mouse

Sweat, Swearing & Tears

Meet game makers Danielle Swank and Jim Fleming of Barking Mouse Studio as they talk about their passion for games and the emotional experiences that led them to create their first indie game “Lost Toys”.

Chapter 4: What's Next

Chapter 1: Meet Barking Mouse

Chapter 2: Designing Lost Toys

Chapter 3: Being Indie

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  • Designed for indie game makers
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The Game Makers

Danielle Swank and Jim Fleming are the founders of Barking Mouse Studio, a 2-person game design company based in San Francisco.

The pair first dipped their toes in the indie games scene with their award-winning 3D puzzle game, “Lost Toys”. Now, they are turning their attention to developing a second game, as they dream of achieving a sustainable career as game makers.

The Game: “Lost Toys”

Barking Mouse’s first game was well received, winning numerous awards and getting featured by Apple as “app of the week” on iTunes in 2013.

"Lost Toys" is an engaging 3D puzzle game that takes full advantage of 3D gameplay and the multi-touch interface of iOS devices to provide a meditative and moody take on a classic puzzle. To play “Lost Toys”, you must reassemble broken toys, in a limited number of moves, to restore them to their original design.

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